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Ultraxone Business

Remember this is still in pre-launch. So be patient if there are any glitches these I’m sure will be sorted. Launch date Nov11th

Please login to your back office and familiarise yourself, I suggest you take the tour again. You will find it at the top right of your webpage. The more you understand about the business the better you will be able to promote it. Read the FAQs in the menu on the left hand side.

Advertise your link daily or as often as possible.

If you need help with this please either ask in here or via side skype.

When you receive notification of a new downline member.
Send them an email using the message system in your back office asking if they need any help.

Also please ask them if they are on Skype and if they would like to join our team room where we can supply the help and advice if you prefer.

Ensure they have an AlertPay account. They will need this to upgrade and receive funds.
Also a Gmail account for important updates.

Inform them if they are still a free member. To be able to withdraw any earnings from their UltraXOne account they must be upgraded. This would mean they also have an active matrix position. If they do not, any members they refer will be placed with their upline.

they can upgrade their status now by making a purchase or being PIF if their
upline is willing to do this.

The PIF system is brilliant. Consider using this system to help people upgrade. It is a very powerful tool. BUT please ensure they understand it. Don’t just PIF people in unless they know what it entails.

Here is the PIF information from your back office.


PIF‘ for someone is upgrading a member who cannot afford to pay for their own upgrade (or don’t want to).

Members who are paid in this fashion then have an obligation to pass this on to two other members before they can withdraw any earnings.

If you would like to Pay It Forward for someone then please enter their Member ID below and click ‘Validate’

If the Member’s ID is valid, a default cart will be set up for you to make the upgrade on their behalf.

This brilliant PIF system means it not only builds their downline but yours too.

How to make money in a nutshell!

(Read the PAY PLAN under TOUR for more in depth information).

By cycling through your 2×3 forced matrix (that’s a total of 14 positions) you will earn. Notice I didn’t say people, that’s because you don’t need 14 people to fill those 14 positions because at just $2 each I’m sure people will buy more than one position. Look at the Matrix Image under PAYPLAN in the TOUR!

The Matrix


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